Hi! I’m Justin, a creative director and copywriter based in London, UK.

I’m currently at the Google Creative Lab, Google’s in-house product marketing and development studio. Things I’ve helped create: a physical coding platform for kids called Project Bloks, an interactive woven textile called Project Jacquard, tours inside Abbey Road Studios, an interactive art exhibition and competition called DevArt, and campaigns for Google Science Fair, Sideways Dictionary, and Spell Up, an online word game that helps people improve their English.

I’ve also had stints at Apple, R/GA, B Reel, Rethink and Sid Lee.

My writing has appeared in Monocle, GQ, Wallpaper and Hypebeast Magazine. I was previously a teacher at the School of Visual Arts in New York. These days, you can find me teaching writing workshops at General Assembly in London.

Say hello. Or see if I’m free.